Dr. Onowa McIvor (Swampy Cree) is an expert in the role of adult language learners in language revitalization. She is an Associate Professor and the former Director of Indigenous Education at the University of Victoria. She is also the President of the Foundation for Endangered Languages in Canada.

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Presentation title and abstract:

‘One mind, one people’: A national partnership to understand and enhance Indigenous adults’ contributions to reviving Indigenous languages
Increasingly, adults are identified as the “missing generation” of learners who hold great potential to contribute to the revival of Indigenous languages in Canada by acting as the middle ground between Elders, children and youth within their communities. This partnership project with 9 Indigenous partners from across Canada specifically addresses then Indigenous adult language learning. The strong Indigenous partner connections and networks that exist, bring breadth and
strength to this pan-Canadian partnership. Together we are working to achieve realistic language revitalization outcomes and develop a national network of those working at the core of Indigenous language revitalization. These endeavours are building even greater capacity amongst Indigenous people and maximize the resources available to maintain, revitalize and strengthen efforts of nation-wide revitalization of the Indigenous languages of Canada.

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